20+ Beautiful Men Haircut for Long Face

Women have it easy when it comes to hair because their locks can be fashioned into anything and everything. Men, on the other hand, have to consider a lot of aspects while getting a cut ranging from how it will look to how it will be perceived. Men with longer faces are very keen on getting a cut that makes their face look shorter than reality, while others embrace it in all its grandeur and wish for cuts that accentuate it further.

Men haircut for long face 2018 is all covered here:

African braids:

looking for something totally groovy, yet fulfilling to the purpose? African styled braids can be the answer. Not only do they keep the hair away from the face, they can be worn with a cap, bandana or roughly styled cloth around the head.

The shaggy look:

Rough, tousled hair is always game changing. A very boyish charm exudes from the face with hair all falling over and can bring a touch of sexiness. It is safe to say that women dig this hairdo, which makes it all the more worthwhile no?

Bang bang:

Men haircut for long face 2018 cannot forget bangs. A longer face needs to be covered by most individuals and the best yet simplest way to achieve this is via bangs. They can fall over the forehead in multiple styles like side parted, sharp cuts, fully covered etc. and work very efficiently to make the face look smaller.

All long all along:

Longer faces really complement longer hair. Perhaps a cut that goes till the shoulders can be pulled off because it covers the sides of the face, and makes the look utterly sleeker. Longer hair can also be pulled into a ponytail or a man bun, which means that this is a win-win situation for sure.

Gentlemen cut:

Men haircut for long face 2018 brings the cut which is definitely very good for the serious ones out there. Simply razor the sides till almost shaven, and leave a tuft at top which is gelled down or towards one side. This is the no nonsense, no fuss look that will keep the hair in its place 24/7.

Now we must also warn you about what not to do for a Men haircut for long face 2018:

Middle parting:

These are so out of fashion and will be a major turn off. Furthermore, this look makes the face look longer because each side shows off more than before.

Upward bangs:

the hair looks too high, which means the entire facial pallet looks heighted. You’re looking to minimize the length, not increase it further so you must avoid this look at all costs.


This is for the men with curly hair. While afros are a fashion statement in itself, they do not suit longer faces. The same reason that went with upward bangs applies to this one too; the basic requirement of making the face shorter goes to waste in this Men haircut for long face 2018.

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