45+ Beautiful Braids for Men

Whilst braids hairstyles are supposed to be associated with women only but gone are the days when men contended with short, simple elementary school kind of haircut. Now men equally care about their haircuts, hairstyling and its synchronization with their personality. It’s a matter of high fact that hairstyles define distinctiveness and idiosyncrasy of a person as long as it is integrated with the persona of an individual.

Long ago, keeping long hair was considered a taboo for men. Men with long hair didn’t have any acceptance according to societal norms and communal benchmark. But nowadays, contemporary fashion hair does for men has been changed, now men are allowed to adopt hairdo and hair length of their own choice. Consequently, men with long hair adopt a different kind of hairstyles and braids to get a modern look.

Although braid hairstyles were originated and symbolized to African men alone, now this hairstyle is propagated throughout the world. Men who don’t want to cut their hair short can grow their hair longer and style them in different braids.

There are many deluxe and fancy braid styles which men can adapt for their grown hair. Although braiding is associated with long hair but little effort and a bit of experience can induce braid for shorter hair as well. Making braids is a bit lengthy and complicated process, but once done it will surely add a subtle and exquisite element to your personality.

Let’s have look at different braid style for men.


Micro-Braids as its name shows is very tiny braids for men with relatively long hair. This is a thinner version of simple three strand English braid. To get this hairstyle, hair is parted in different sections and knead them in very tiny braids. The beauty of this hairstyle lies in the thinness of braid, the volume of braid matters a lot in this styling.


Apparently, there is no other style as famous as cornrows braids for men with long hair. This is kind of braid for men which is recommended for tight and classic clean look. Cornrows have gained popularity because of the perceived ease of maintenance and sustenance.

Braided Mohawk:

If you feel yourself as alienated and have rebellious nature then this is the hairstyle that will suits you more. This braided Mohawk hairstyle is perceived to be most bizarre, far-out and grotesque hairstyle for men and not easy to carry conventionally. But this is the actual beauty of this braid for men when you stand oddly out of all and it symbolizes your outlandish personality.

Zig-zag braids:

This is an unconventional hairstyle for braided men. You want braided hairstyle and look different at the same time from the rest of the braided men, then go for this zig-zag braid. Although in order to get this hairstyle, you may need professional assistance, you will worth it. The zig-zag braid hairstyle requires maintenance like any other hairstyle, try to avoid and minimize heat appliances and styling as much as possible to avoid unnecessary hair breakage.

Braids for men tied up:

Having mid-length braid and tired of pushing them off of your face? Here is a new cool way to tie them up and be more stylish. This is the braid men hairstyle for 2 to 3 inches long braids, these braids can be tied up in a form of a ponytail. It will give you a neat and tidy look as well as increase the practicality of your hairstyle.

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