40 Cool Little Boy Haircuts

Ever go through your childhood photos and be utterly horrified with the hairdos your parents did? If your answer is in the affirmative, you must know how embarrassing these photos are at wedding slideshows and other family events. No wonder the younger lot has decided to put an end to this awkwardness and have stepped up their game regarding hairdos! Little boy haircuts 2018 will show you exactly how you can style your baby’s hair so that they will look super smart at all times:

Little Boy Haircuts 2018

Give them a hawk:

Boys look really cute with Mohawks especially if the sides are tapered off. This is an upgrade of the ‘spikes’ that took over the boy world back in the early 2000s and never made it out of style.

Little Boy Haircuts for Straight Hair

Hey there pretty momma:

Yeah you read that right! little boy haircuts 2018 with a  touch of Johnny Bravo. The popular kids cartoon was an all-time favorite and has left us with memories and an awesome hairdo. You simply need to use loads of gel and spike up the boy’s hair to one side a little high. Put on a leather jacket, and boots; your boy will be breaking hearts!8!

Little Boy Haircuts Black

1 Year old baby boy hairstyles

Longer hair forever there:

Who says boys are only supposed to have crop cuts? Let your boy grow those locks. It looks absolutely adorable to see beach waves bouncing around as the baby plays with his friends! It’s a very casual hairdo and there’s nothing more you need to do.

Little Boy Haircuts for Curly Hair

All about business:

Is your little boy quite the serious dude and you’re looking for a very precise little boy haircuts 2018? Here’s the perfect look: Give the hair slightly shorter sides and let the hair on top stay more. Then use a brush, make it wet with water or gel and comb all the hair towards one side. That’s a very fresh and clean looking look.

Toddler Boy Haircuts for Fine Hair

Scooby Doo where are you:

Shaggy and Scooby made a great time together, and so do dead straight hair and oval faces. If your boy has a longer face, you can let him hang his straight locks longer so that the hair covers most of his face.

Boys Haircuts 2018


Go with a bang:

Little boy haircuts 2018 bring forth bangs. There are some face cuts such that the forehead is quite big. In this case, bangs look very cute and they also cover the exposed son such that the hairline looks shorter than it really is.

The man bun:

Who says you can’t have a man bun if you’re not technically a man yet? Ladies will be drooling over the look of your little lad in this look for sure. This is a great option for longer hair because it can be tied out of the way, and also proves to be a fashion statement.

Short Afro:

Some babies out there have a lot of hair on their head and mommies look for a little boy haircuts 2018 to keep all that mess in check. Big, curly afro hair can be trimmed till it almost reaches the scalp. This not only keeps the head cooler in summer, but also look super slick!

Pretty sure you began reading with a very tangled mind on what to get for your kid and are ending with even more confusion because you can’t decide what’ll look best! The key to the perfect little boy haircuts 2018 lies in the comfort of the child himself! Let him decide what he wants for his hair, and make sure that whatever it is makes him feel relaxed.

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