20+ Best Teen Boy Haircuts

Haircuts play important role in your personality. Everybody in this world want to look modest and stylish and so are teenagers. Nowadays no one like old fashions and styles. Teen boys in their high schools want to look awesome and stylish. So, they get a stylish teen boy haircut and for this they need a better advice. A better advice of a haircut can change their looks and they will look awesome.

There are many haircuts according to your face shape (oval, round etc.) and hair texture (straight, curly, wavy etc.). Some of teen boy haircuts are Crew Cut, Buzz Cut, Faux Hawk and pompadours etc. So, if you teenagers are looking for coolest and amazing new teen boy haircuts the only thing you have to do for haircuts is to carefully read about the following top 9 haircuts and act upon our advice.

Faux Hawk

This amazing and wild (as the name of haircut shows ”Hawk”) haircut is very suitable for teens. The main part of this teen boy haircut is top of your head. So, for this haircut your hair must be wash thoroughly and dried and then you have to brush your hair in upward position. Try this haircut and you will look awesome.

Buzz Cut

If your hair is short in length then this haircut is totally made for you. This haircut also looks amaze on teen boys. Hair at ear side should be shaved completely for this haircut and hair at the top side of the head have the maximum length of about 3cm to 4cm.

Crew Cut

For this amazing and wonderful haircut you would need hair gel, hair wax, hair spray, comb, blower and straightener. First wash your hair thoroughly with the shampoo that is suitable for your hair then use some hair gel and hair spray then comb your hair in upward position.

Brooklyn Fade with Spikes and small beard

This haircut is one of the most popular teen boy haircuts. For this you would need high spiky gel and special hairspray for hair spikes. First comb your hair on the right left side both. Then use special hair spray and hair gel for spikes, if you don’t use such products then your spikes will not be long lasting. Also have some small- size beard if you like.

Hair cut with combing up and brushing

This haircut is best for teenagers. first comb your hair on one side (right or left it’s up to you, which side do you want) then use some hair spray on it and after it again brushes that side so, by doing this your hair will stay on your place. The other left side has to shave for this.

Angular Fringe

So, teens if you have wavy hair so this hair cut is meant for you. Firstly, exert some hair gel then brush your hair in a messy style and then give your hair some hair gel and the haircut is complete.

High pale with slick back

If your hair length is long and texture of your hair is straight so teens this style is best for you. Apply some hair wax and brush your hair in backward position. During brushing up your hair also apply hair spray for better results.

Curly Fringe

If you have curly hair this teen boy haircut is best for you.

Modern Pompadour

This teen boy haircut surely takes some time but believe me when you get it you will look amazing in it.

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