25+ Classy Textured Crop Haircuts 2018

When it comes to embellish your persona and get a cheesy look, hairstyles can do a lot of differences. Textured crop haircuts are getting popularity from past few days since it is a perfect balance between modish hairstyle and to stay cool in hot summers. Textured Crop haircuts give you a chance to look stylish yet elegant and the variety it offers is beyond your imagination. The speciality this haircut offers that either you need no maintenance or medium level maintenance and definitely it will save your time and money. However, you will find this textured haircut as the biggest trend in these summers and it will stay the same in many upcoming years.

Here we will provide you with a guide on how to attain and maintain this cool summer haircut and you will definitely stand out amongst your peers with your modern and unique look.

Textured Crop + Brushed up hair:

The textured brushed up haircut is just like the undercut. The hair on the front part of the head are brushed up like spikes whilst the sides and the back of the head are clear of hair. The more the length of the hair there would be more room to give stylish look to your textured hair. A medium level of maintenance is required to style this haircut.

Textured Crop Fringes:

Growing fringes with the textured top crop are one of the things which will make you noticeable amongst the crowd. A little amount of pomade, wax or clay can help you to add texture to your hair with controlled straight front fringes. This hairstyle suits more to people with the round or oval shape.

Textured Wave:

Give yourself a textured wavy haircut and surf along the shores of the fashion. Get a wavy cut that would start from the back of the head and ends in wave shape at the front of your head. This will create a cool textured effect your hair and you will be able to shine with added texture and cool waves of your hair.

Textured Skin Fade:

The hair on the top is cut in a pointed way whilst the back and the sides of the back are cut to skin fade to create a notable contrast. The hair on the top of the head can be styles on one side of the head. This textured skin fade is suitable for young guys and needs minimum maintenance.

Blonde Textured Crop haircut:

The pre-requisite to attaining this textured crop is to have blonde hair, even you don’t have blonde hair naturally you can dye your hair to get this fashionable hairstyle. The hair on the top is kept little longer to get a proper crop cut. You can fade the sides of your fade to medium or skin fade. You can use hair products to add more texture to your and wear this style in an elegant way.

How to Style your Textured Crop Hairstyle:

This textured crop haircut goes really well on almost all kinds of hair types and faces shape. This is an ideal haircut for thin, wavy or straight hair types, however, people with curly hair should avoid or be more technical whilst having this textured crop haircut.

To style your hair all you need to do is to wash your hair, towel dry them and puff two or three sprays of any hairspray you are fond of. The hairspray will act as a magic and helps to add texture to your hair. You can also use a small amount of pomade or hair gel to style your hair.

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