30+ Awesome Crew Cut Haircut 2018

Crew Cut Haircut for men is one of the most popular and in vogue haircut for guys who want to stay classic and clean yet stylish. Another reason for its popularity is its low maintenance stipulation, and it’s suitability for both casual and formal look. The style of this haircut is somewhat akin to the military haircut from the back and side cuts, but it actually originates from Ivy League crew of a rowing team who kept their hair short and away from their eyes whilst rowing.  At times the crew cut haircut also referred to as butch haircut but unlike butch haircut, its crew cut is short and around the sides and back, and tapered into a longer length on top. Usually, guys brush hair on top towards the front, whilst the sides and back are evenly short, customarily faded.

Long Crew Cut 2018

The crew cut haircut is typical goes with men of all ages, but it’s perfect for those who are professional and or have a busy lifestyle and can put much time for hair but still wants to have modern look.  Guys with the curly or thick hair pull this haircut at its best; they can keep top hair short in length or can grow it longer to get a side-swept finish.

The styling of Crew Cut Haircut:

The styling of Crew cut hair might be little difficult because of the short length of hair on the top, however, still, you can find a way to style your hair if you keep your hair little longer on the top of the head. You can apply gel and brush it upwards to get some spike or brush it on one side to get a side-swept finish.

Types of Crew Cut Haircut:

Although the basic crew cut haircut is same for all, adding little length and volume to the top of the hair can classify this haircut categorically. Few of them are listed below:

The Classic Crew Haircut:

Usually teenage boys get this haircut; it resembles the military crew cut, where hair is trimmed all in equal length by using trimmer.

The Crew Cut with Undercut:

This is a kind of crew cut haircut where the hair on top is cut into medium length, with the sides undercut. This gives the flexibility to style hair on the top, it is one of the most trendy hair cut these days.

The Spiked Crew cut:

This haircut is suitable for textured hair, where a small amount of hair-styling get can be applied to set hair upwards to get an elegant and modish look.

The side-swept crew cut:

As its name depicts that the hair on top are brushed sideward to get a side-swept finish. For super genteel look, one can use anti-frizz serum which also adds on a swanky shine. Ricky Martin, a famous singer-actor and author carries this hairstyle and looks effortlessly stylish and handsome.

Boyish Charm / Boyish Crew Cut:

As the name depicts this crew cut has boyish charm and is more appropriate to boys with the long face. Adam Levine, American singer and actor carries this hairstyle very elegantly, this haircut suits his facial features. The styling of this haircut is very simple, all you have to do is to keep your hair clean regularly and brush them up.

Tapered Crew Cut 2018

Crew Cut 2018

Crew Cut Lengths 2018

Ivy League Crew Cut 2018

Crew Cut Fade 2018

Crew Cut Hairstyle 2018

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