20+ Cool Man Bun Undercut

As the name depicts, a Man Bun Undercut is the combination of two trendiest hairstyles of men, the Under Cut and the Bun. This hybrid style is the combination of long and extremely fade away haircut and is difficult to carry, but once you adopt it you will list yourself among the trendiest guys.

The origin of this Man Bun is quite nebulous, but it is tracked back to hipsters and beatnik kind of people. But with the passage of time this Man Bun along with undercut, quiff, fade and comb over gained popularity and become modish hairstyle for young guys. There are many dignified celebrities like Zayn Malik, Jared Leto, Harry Styles and Joaquin Phoenix who adopted this Bun Under Cut in different styles and bring fame to this Man Bun Haircut.

The Man Bun Undercut is easily manageable and gives you a refined yet stylish look. All you need Is to shave your head from sides and back of the head. You just need to emphasize on the centre part of the hair. Pull your central part of you in a pony style and then tie them up in bun form.

The Man Bun Undercut is one of the exclusive hot hairstyles for men with relatively long hair, it doesn’t use the hair from sides and back of the bun, thus it uses only third part of your hair. To get this haircut you need six to seven inches long hair. This is a top hair knot style and it creates a stunning look. To get this haircut you need to tie your long hair exactly on the vertex of your head whilst beneath the knot you can get an undercut and cut your hair extremely short.

Difference between Top Knot & Man Bun Undercut:

One needs to understand that Top Knot and Man Bun are entirely two different things. It may seem like from an unprofessional eye but there is remarkable disparity among these styles.

A top knot is tied on the top of the head and it gives you a clean and tidy look. For top knot, you don’t need very long hair but 2-3 inches long hair would be fair enough to get a knotted look, you need to hold hair from all sides of your head equally. On the other hand, for Man Bun are grown (at least 6-7 inches) only from the vertex of your head whilst the remaining hair are cut short in an undercut hairstyle.

If you want to get this Man Bun, you need to cease cutting your hair for a year or so. Maintain the healthy growth of your hair by proper diet, regular cleaning and regular conditioning. Periodic trimming is another secret to growing your hair faster and in a healthier way. The beauty of this hairstyle that it suits everyone irrespective of face cuts and shapes. But the moderate density of your hair matters a lot, very thick and very both kinds of hair would have trouble to maintain this Man Bun Undercut hairstyle.

How to Style Man Bun Undercut:

  • Wash and apply conditioner to your hair.
  • Blow dry them, comb them and remove tangles.
  • Gently gather your hair with the help of your hands towards the vertex of your head,
  • Tie them with a rubber band in a pony style.
  • You can also a meagre amount of pomade or gel to keep your hair settled.
  • Wrap your ponytail in a loop to form a bun.
  • Spread it over the tied part of your hair to give it a perfect Man Bun look.

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