30+ Awesome Mid Fade Haircut 2018

A Mid Fade (Middle Fade) taper cut is a haircut for men which starts right below the tempers and above the ears. It is a perfect balance between high fade and low fade haircuts which involves the trimming of your hair halfway up your sides and back to create a soft and bland look. Medium Fade haircuts are meant to get a perfectly balanced look and it goes well with all hair type and face cuts, it requires low to medium hair maintenance and looks classy.

If you have a well- maintained and balanced personality then this haircut will suit you, here we are giving you list of top Mid fade Haircuts.

Short-Mid Fade Haircut:

A short Mid Fade haircut is a solid haircut with least maintenance. If you have short hair and want neat and executive then this is the haircut you’d be able to wear easily and will look classy. This short Mid Fade also resembles army haircuts and needs no to medium styling.

David Beckham Mid Fade Haircut:

This David Beckham Mid Fade is another variant of hairstyle for short hairs. All you have to do is to style your hair at the top of the vertex. You can add highlight by using different textures, spike the front hair and or style them upwards with the use of gel or pomade and you are ready to go like David Beckham.

Sharp Mid Fade:

This is modish hairstyle with the use of cuts as Mid Fade Haircuts. Its sharp edgy looks make it popular among young guys who can style their hair top as waves and in an elongated style. The long-styled top faded hair above the ears and towards neckline gives you a dapper look.

Sleek Mid Fade Haircut:

The Sleek Mid Fade Haircut adds brilliance and shine to your personality by its glossy waves which start right from the forehead. The relatively long top with Mid Fade Haircut is styled in waves towards the back. You can add shade using hair colors to embellish your look.

Medium Skin Fade Haircut:

Simple yet stylish is the desire of almost all easy-going personalities. If you are one of them then here is this trendy yet natural looking hairstyle for you. You can wear this style easily with both formal and informal dressing.

Pompadour and Mid Fade Haircut:

An all-time favourite and attractive hairstyle. This combination of Pompadour with Mid Fade Haircut will upsurge the luminance of your personality. A relatively long hair at the top is styled in the form of high or medium pompadour with a generous amount of pomade or hair gel. No professional styling is required for this hairdo. A little effort will be considered more.

Short Afro and Mid Fade Haircut:

You wanna give a modern spin to your Afro curls, then here is a treat for you. All you have to do is to cut your hair in Mid Fade hairstyle and leave simple curls at the top of your head. That’s all you are ready to go.

Styled Top with Mid Fade sides:

This might be the most malleable hairstyles of the time. Keep a longer head top and get a Mid Fade haircut, and you can do a lot of experiments with your hair top. Preferably upward spike with slight backward edges will make it workable for you.

Side parted with Mid Fade Haircut:

As simple as anything, get a Mid Fade or Taper cut and style your hair top on one side of your head. Ready to go, easy and cool!

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