33 Cool Pompadour Fade Haircut

The pompadour haircut was initially expected for ladies, however, was adjusted and promoted for men by the Elvis Presley in 1950s. Since Elvis, the pompadour hairstyle has gone standard, getting to be a standout amongst the most prevalent hairdos for men. Today, the cutting edge pompadour never again takes after the retro greaser style. Rather, the men’s pompadour has gone up against a free, finished look and is frequently combined with a pompadour fade haircut on the sides. By and by, the pompadour keeps on being an exemplary style that suits folks of all hair types.

Pompadour fade haircut is evolving and will evolve more in the coming years.

Here is a rundown of the list of Unique Pompadour Fade Haircut styles cut.

Razor faded haircut

Unique and trendy, razor fade which is also now as the bald fade is an excellent choice. Fade from sides and having a thick volume in front is a classy look.

Modern pompadour fade

Very much similar to razor faded, this haircut is unique due to its texture. The sides are cleaned keeping a bit of length.

Messy pomp

Messy hair looks sexier than a neat cut. Messy from above, with a full-grown beard, looks amazing. However, the style of pompadour fade haircut is present at the side.

Low fade pompadour

The low fade is the just the opposite of the high fade and begins your decreased cut simply over the ear and neck area. With not so much difference but rather more surface on the sides, low fade hairstyles are awesome for medium-length to longer haircuts that require a thicker look.

Mid fade pompadour

Something different, this hairstyles goes for medium hair, where sides are faded behind the ear and th volume of the hair looks thicker.

Side part pomp

Unexpected yet classy, the razor faded one side and pomp on the other side, gives a trendy, smart and unique look.

Pompadour comb over fade

the comb over fade haircut includes short to medium length hair to finish everything, except the upkeep and day by day styling routine, are significantly less important.

Razor faded pompadour

Easy to carry, this haircut is exceptionally simple. The sides are shaved and more emphasis is given to the pomp height.

Drop fade pomp

Starting from a considerable length, this fade is dropped gradually. The hair will have a mild fade above the ear and it will turn into a sharp fade behind the ear and the neckline.

Burst fade pompadour

Although this style suits more with a hawk cut, it looks good with a pomp as well. In this haircut, the hair is shaved in a burst manner behind the ear.

High fade pomp+ side part

The high fade starts this tapering procedure close to the highest point of the hair. It has height and looks more classy with a side part.

Pomp for wavy hair

A blurred undercut shaves the sides down to the skin and wavy hair includes regular surface and volume top.

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