20+ Cool Tapered Haircut Men 2018

There was a time when women used to be the fashion models; it was all about women’s clothing, women hairstyles, and women catwalks. But men can’t stay far behind in anything, and before we knew it men’s clothing lines began sprouting, men became models on the catwalk and men started bringing out newer hairdos every single day. The latest trend that hit the men’s hairdo market is the tapered cut. The shaven sides while giving rise to a tuft of hair on top is what you see on the streets every day. Each style though is different from others and brings out its own look.

Men tapered haircut 2018 is all you need to stay in style this year:

Tapered side part:

Can’t decide whether you want to show off a classic look or blend into what the young kids on the block are doing? Get a tapered side part to have best of both the worlds. Simply get the sides shaven till almost gone, and part all the hair on top to either side. Very professional yet slick. Great for men who want competence in life, yet want to keep acquainted to their fun side.

Traditional Classic Taper Haircut

Tapered Quiff:

Quiffs have always looked super-hot on men, because they brush up all the hair backwards and upwards. The wolverine look brings out the inner manliness, and the tapered cut adds the touch of youth to it. Amazing for those men who have a healthy lob of hair on their scalp and want to show it off to the world.

Tapered Haircut on Natural Hair

Tapered textured brush up:

This Men tapered haircut 2018 is essentially same as a quiff but the hair is left tousled. Nothing speaks boyish than rough hair that looks like you got out of bed 5 minutes ago and forgot to brush it. Girls dig it; that’s enough to get some boys running to the barber isn’t it? Perfect hairdo for men who are too lazy to style their hair with a product every morning and are simply happy with zero effort.

Medium Taper Haircut

Tapered pompadour:

While this might have been labeled a women’s hairdo back in the day, today a lot of men are also opting for it with a twist of tapered undercut. The upper hair is left in loads so that it can be rolled up backwards. It’s a huge up do and this Men tapered haircut 2018 is sure to attract onlookers. It’s a great hairdo for men with huge hair they can’t seem to control.

Taper Haircut Afro

Tapered long comb over:

Digging a totally bad boy look to get everyone’s attention?  Get a tapered cut to be in style, while the top of your hair is left long enough that it falls to one side of your face at least down to your ears. Imagine the swag when you flick it off! Good idea for those too who have thin hair so that this looks brings volume.

Taper Haircut Back

Men tapered haircut 2018 is laid bare for you to decide what you want.

Taper Haircut Short Hair

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